5 Concrete Methods to Empower Personalized Patient Journey with Big data

3 min readSep 1, 2022


The patient’s journey provides an understanding of their overall experience in care and helps healthcare providers to find new ways to improve the same. Data analytics enable providers to build targeted experiences that address each patient’s unique needs, and deliver a more successful patient outcome. The health systems must focus on creating an excellent patient experience and determine improvement areas for mapping the personalized patient journey.

Personalization in healthcare combines two perspectives i.e., the patient and healthcare organization where a care provider recognizes unique health history and circumstances, receives relevant content, and achieves better health outcomes.

Let’s dive into the data-driven approaches companies must take to enhance patient journeys.

How to Unlock Data Potentials for Personalized Patient Journey?

All healthcare stakeholders are expected to provide personalized patient journeys to increase patient engagement and satisfaction. The following concrete steps would help to achieve this goal:

Adopting Consumer-driven Healthcare: To personalize the patient journey, companies’ solutions must be highly consumer-driven, for which patients need to be motivated to shop around carefully.

  • Providers must tackle the fragmented infrastructure challenge and manage patient data from various disconnected EHR systems.
  • Moving to a cloud platform for unified patient data across multiple systems and simplified workflows across teams is essential.
  • FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources)-enabled platform that integrated disparate sources would provide high-level insights needed for a holistic and personalized patient experience.

Moving From CRM to PRM: Companies must try for holistic PRM (patient relationship management), which incorporates everything from outreach and scheduling to follow-up visits and marketing surveys. And this won’t happen without high-quality data integration.

With PRM, healthcare providers can personalize outreach to meet patients’ unique needs and preferences will significantly impact engagement.

Using Conversation Intelligence: Healthcare providers have now started using conversation intelligence with AI-powered software, enabling revenue-generating teams for marketing, sales, eCommerce, and exceptional patient experience.

This uses AI and ML to analyze speech with the help of NLP to derive data-driven insights. The data is visualized in dashboards and streamed to other platforms to take action on it in real-time.

A holistic approach is required based on data from multiple sources and systems to find, guide, and keep patients for life. Read the full Blog..


Tailoring Experiences of Different Patients Will Bring Influx of Personalized Consumer Data

Personalized care is both desirable and elusive for healthcare. When trying to provide this, digital health companies lean on technological skills like data to expedite these personalized care relationships.

Stakeholders should explore how they can better tailor the experiences of different patients’ needs as consumers’ data grows in volume and new technologies make it possible to parse it.

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