6 Reasons for Outsourcing Custom Healthcare Software Development in 2022

3 min readMar 2, 2022


Outsourcing is Making Healthcare Softwares More Patient-centric

The current situation has enhanced the need for technology-based healthcare systems capable of supporting physicians who treat their patients remotely, and healthcare professionals to digitally monitor the health and progress of their patients.

The custom healthcare software solution is all about developing dynamic solutions intact with all cutting-edge technology. Therefore, healthtech leaders need to assess and make the most of next-generation technologies, and outsourcing. Software companies are now eager to expand into new industries in 2022 and beyond, to support these responses and make it more patient-centric with healthcare marketing, patient engagement, patient monitoring, mobile health, precision medicine, etc.

6 Reasons to Outsource Custom Healthcare Software Development in 2022

It’s a win-win situation when businesses save money by hiring a dedicated team and service providers who put their expertise and experience to work. The remote team creates smart websites and health application development to deliver cost-effective treatments and real-time data.

Economical and Efficient: The outsourcing team works on an hourly basis and proves to be more efficient and companies need to pay for the time it was directed to be completed. Cost depends on several factors such as:

  • Developing Application Infrastructure
  • Recruiting Professional
  • Training the Recruits

Access to Global Software Developers: It’s easier to get access to new talents when outsourcing healthcare software development. This expands the options to avail the globalized talents in terms of advanced technological expertise. It more resonates with healthcare 4.0 i.e., which harnesses industry 4.0 technologies to improve healthcare.

Hiring offshore developers who are well versed in app development with knowledge of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) for automation, big data analytics for decision-making, and others means winning a custom healthcare software development.

Integrating frameworks like Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) must be done by developers starting from planning to execution. This works only with developers who possess the skills to understand the detailed requirements of healthcare providers like patient monitoring.

Escalates Operational Efficiency of Softwares: With an overburdened in-house team, this seems difficult, and outsourcing the telehealth custom software seems to provide this agile solution. Since healthcare is highly anticipated in terms of providing the best service to users, the agility-scalability feature has to be paramount when developing the best healthcare solution.

Healthtech providers are choosing to outsource the software development to Scaled Agile to implement the SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) framework for improved efficiency, time-to-market, and employee engagement.

Health is a constantly evolving sector. To cope up with innovations, the health sector must be on its toe. So, when companies decide to outsource healthcare software development needs, it is important to find an ideal software development partner company.

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Final Thought:

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare to Substantiate Need of Outsourcing

Some of the most common services outsourced by healthcare firms include IT and billing services and scarcity of expertise in this field of healthcare and unavailability of competent service providers will further enhance the dependency on offshore partners.

Major breakthrough will be in big data that has the potential to enhance and revolutionize medical care research and practices which will consequently allow companies to accumulate, analyze, absorb, and manage huge volumes of structured, disparate, and unstructured medical data.

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