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CTOs Must Bet on these Future Technology Trends for Digitalization and Sustainable Business Growth Beyond 2022

Less Human Intervention to be New Digitalization

Experience of companies in technologies flashes the picture as to what will be required for sustainable business growth, and which technology trend would take the lead. For 2022 and beyond, CTOs and IT executives in companies are looking for technologies that would be able to cope with uncertainty and require minimal human intervention for the next few years.

The year 2022 will necessitate smart technologies for which they need automation, outsourcing, decision-making, empowering data management, and other important steps to strengthen digitalization and undergo digital transformation. (Read this guide if you are CXO and get insight about the imperatives of digital transformations)

Technology Trends to Strengthen Digitalization in 2022

Future technology trends may or may not be new but discovering what lies underneath and uncovering those unseen capabilities needs to be handled. Some technology trends worth considering in 2022 are:

  1. Data Fabric- Decentralized Pattern of Data Management: Data Fabric is the data management approach where it focuses on decentralization and globalization to act as a connection between data endpoints to address the challenges arising due to the hybrid data landscape.
    This architecture will be in rage in 2022 and beyond as it enables the usage, discovery, governance, curation, and orchestration of data to full breadth. According to the Allied Market Research report, the data fabric market size is expected to reach $4,546.9 million by 2026.
  2. Cybersecurity Mesh- Benediction for Endpoint Security: “It is a complete perimeter security approach identified for the location-independent workforce.” The cybersecurity mesh is also catching on with the deployment of microservice architecture as it adds efficiency and transparency to the process of this architecture and hardens the security when added with a zero-trust strategy.
  3. Decision Intelligence- Catalyst for Decision Makers with Smart Tech: Organizations that miss the improved decision-making capabilities are trying to stay competitive with decision intelligence for better decision support, decision management, and complicated system applications. This decision intelligence works with a set of these technologies:

Machine Learning (ML): Work with structured data to make suggestions. Anti-fraud systems used by banks are examples.

Deep Learning (DL): For making new suggestions based on the outcome of ML.

Visual Decision Modelling: To provide options to decision-makers with an option and show their outcomes.

Predictive Analytics: To provide information on upcoming trends, especially seen in the retail industry.

4. Generative AI- Creative AI for Future: AI has several use cases where it automates and simplifies mundane tasks, but the unheard capabilities of AI are yet to be discovered, and one such need for the year 2022 will be, awesome content generation to be done by generative AI in the form of image, video or any other format. This will use previous underlying patterns or data as input and generate creative content.

Read about more technology trends for 2022 and get details in our blog.

CTOs need to push mental capabilities to find which one will best resonate with sustainable business growth and build trust.

Conclusion: Tech Trends for Future Need to be More Self-Reliant

Business growth objectives and future technology trends must keep tight integration with market trends which may be simply adopting one technology or club different set of technology trends, else losing in competitive edge would not be difficult. Simply adopting technologies does not define the digital-first approach, unlike the past decade, now business leaders will have to bet on future technology which is more self-reliant in terms of working, optimizing, and healing.

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