Don’t Miss Out on This Roundtable: Navigating Digital Acceleration in Healthcare

How to Craft Digital Health Strategies for Innovation in Care Delivery?

The traditional health care model is dead! Digital technology is our only hope of solving the Iron Triangle of — Access, Affordability, and Effectiveness. In the age of Google, Apple and Amazon, patients have begun to seek healthcare in accessible, engaging, and outcome driven formats.

We are looking at the birth of new ecosystems that bring together diverse stakeholders, and deliver care to the farthest. Telemedicine, diagnostic devices, IMoTs, wearable devices have shown a shimmer of possibilities.

We are entering into a new era of healthcare, the changes which were already underway have been accelerated in great magnitude by the pandemic.

Such is the pace of acceleration that it has exposed the systemic faultlines, and survival in the new digital age depends upon how hospitals and other institutions incorporate digital to improve simultaneously on the trinity of Cost, Quality and Accessibility.

Technology is, thus, the central piece of the healthcare puzzle.

The Theme of Discussion:

  • How to leverage the rise of New Tech-Enabled Ecosystems, Data and Analytics?
  • Capitalizing Healthcare Trends: Patient Experience, Payer transformation, interoperability and more.
  • Overcoming challenges to Digital Transformation and developing a digital Roadmap

A little bit about us — Techment Technology

  • We are an IT products and services company that partners with organizations to build applications and platforms that help them achieve business goals.
  • We have extensive experience working with healthcare companies, startups as technology partners on a long term basis.
  • Our objective with this workshop is to understand the transformation more intimately, and most importantly from the eyes of care providers ; understanding their challenges as well as aspirations. Hence your questions and active participation is very important to us.

Participants will get the following additional benefits:

  • Free Consultation on Charting the Digital Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation Action-Book

Register and save the spot, Please grace the discussion with your presence and participation; see you soon!



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