Cloud DataHow New Trends in Cloud Data Warehouse will Provide Momentum to Cloud Migration?

Rearchitecting Components of Data Warehouse (DW) for Migration

Many businesses facing costly on-premise product renewals are aggressively migrating their data to the cloud. It is important to recognize product life cycles and plan for cloud migration accordingly. As businesses do cloud migration, they are moving away from their old on-premises data warehousing technologies, to these new cloud data platforms. The transformation is a huge shift in data management and has profound implications for businesses.

Technology leaders in large enterprises are working to develop and own a cloud strategy for data storage to move some or all of an organization’s data warehouse architecture to the cloud.

Technology Selection: Businesses require a strong knowledge of cloud architectures, data lakes, storage options, and cloud subscription models to make technology choices.

  • Public cloud providers have many data-related services and continue to innovate rapidly and third-party options to choose from.
  • Must also align with the business strategy and priorities.
  • Using a partner with a cloud platform and data migration experience is often something worth considering.

Technology Trends in Cloud Data Warehouse in 2021

As new advancements take place in CDW, companies shifting towards the cloud must consider these trends.

  1. iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) for Integration: iPaaS allows to build and deploy complex integration projects with two or more connections with SaaS as a technology connector for common databases.With iPaaS systems share data via API endpoints and provide security with API policies like data authentication and authorization.
  2. Data Marts For Quick Data Access: A subset of data warehouses that focuses on a particular line of business and provides data insights for a particular group of users for better insights, is called a data mart. Data Marts helps to scale the cloud data and speed up the processing power. Since it focuses on specific requirements, it is a more agile approach towards cloud data warehousing.
  3. DW Automation for Deploying Code: Automation in cloud data warehousing is fast replacing conventional approaches to achieve better data-driven insights and synthesizing data for better business reporting purposes.

This provides business agility and faster time-to-market. Data warehouse automation lets us extract real-time data and analysis of cloud and web application services. This is the best way to maximize your organization’s return on cloud investment.

The need for transformation is compelling companies to move towards the cloud as the entire on-premise structure cannot move towards it. To get more insight on new trends read our blog.

Taking Security Consideration will Accord DW Migration Towards Cloud

As companies began to implement data-driven decisions, the need to process data increased rapidly. Databases cannot provide the flexibility and computing power to meet business needs, and a traditional data warehouse is not efficient for most businesses. Cloud Data warehouse becomes the best solution for companies to make smart business decisions while staying in the competition.

A challenge like security is a concern when considering the cloud, especially for data and service providers need to track customer’s data. Though service agreements do exist, the vulnerable entities could still be altered or deleted. Hence protection of cloud data has a long way to go. A large variety of applications that businesses use today requires a huge amount of data present in different formats in data ware houses and managing this is a huge task for engineers.

For more knowledge on cloud integration tools and software to support business operations, get a free consultation from us.




Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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