Serverless: The Next-Gen Way Of Developing & Hosting Applications

2 min readNov 24, 2020


In many ways we are at a unique inflection point in the history of information technology. In essence three factors have catalyzed the huge leap in the capability of organizations to harness technology, these are: APIs (What), Microservices Architecture (How) and Cloud Computing (Where) along with associated trends like DevOps.

The meteorite rise of Serverless Architecture makes it likely to become the standard way of development and hosting? Is it the future?

Diving Deep into Serverless

From the day of its launch in 2014, serverless has had a major disruptive influence in changing the manner in which the applications were developed and hosted. Serverless is a native cloud feature that allows organizations to run their applications while focusing only on the business logic, without being encumbered with the management of infrastructure and the issues such as Server, and capacity provisioning, high availability, fault tolerance, along with maintenance of the operating system, etc.

There are two convergent areas in which Serverless can be classified:

  • Backend as a Service (BaaS): In this serverless application, the behind-the-scenes applications such as user authentication, database management and more, run on software that is provided by the vendor (usually big names like Amazon, Microsoft etc.) . These software run the server activities, as well as cloud storage and hosting. This enables developers to focus only on the frontend.
  • Function as Service (FaaS): This has changed the entire world and given unbelievable efficiency and ease. FaaS facilitates developers to deploy software as individual functions or as pieces of business logic. These functions of blocks engage only when they are called upon, and post execution, the process terminates. This makes deployment easy to scale, deploy, run and cost-efficient in the implementation of microservices.

Monolith Vs. Serverless Architecture

The monolith applications, a single block of software, are easy to create but when it comes to updating and scale, they prove highly challenging. Uptill now, the way of running applications has involved self-deployed servers that needed to be patched, updated, and monitored to avoid unexpected errors. These are tasks of continuous nature and high responsibility.Serverless relieves one of these tedious tasks and transfers them to cloud vendors. Although there are a few situations where monolith architecture beats serverless.

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