Shape-Up or Ship-Out: Digital Transformation of Healthcare Systems Accelerates

For decades the healthcare delivery model has shown remarkable resilience and much to its self-detriment. The regulations and regulators have shown unwarranted skepticism towards digital and many physicians have been openly avers of bringing in digital technologies to change the way care is delivered.

One catastrophic failure — Electronic Health Records (EHR) has proved to be more bane than benediction. The reason lies in its myopic conceptualization and siloed execution. Pandemic has given a big jolt to make everyone more acceptable to change and digital especially when telemedicine has proved indispensable in saving lives.

The techtonics of care delivery have shifted considerably, and the transformation is led by numerous factors. To understand this historic transformation underway, we collaborated with global healthcare experts and researchers:

  • Jay H. Sanders, Father of Telemedicine, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Global Telemedicine Group, Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
  • Christine K Jacob, the founder and Managing Director of Digi-Bridges and a HealthTech researcher at ARU in Cambridge
  • Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran, leading Indian healthcare influencer, founder and editor of Healthcare India, a think tank that is passionate about building futuristic models for healthcare in India.
  • Helen Yu, global technology influencer and founder Tigon Advisory, a CXO-as-a-Service growth accelerator.

Here is what they shared :

How do you see the recent paradigm shift and Post-Pandemic Telemedicine Momentum

Jay H. Sanders: The paradigm shift that I have observed in 2020:

  • The Federal Government has realized that it is essential to make the system work and thus reimburse it.
  • Physicians have realised that there is no alternative to telemedicine. Most popular usages of telemedicine are — Radiology and ironically Mental Health. Psychologists who viewed telemedicine as ineffective for them now think completely differently. Seeing patients in their homes is a much better place for consultation.* Patients have realised that they need telemedicine as much as they need Amazon and Netflix.
  • The remote areas now have access to specialists, who can provide critical care such as heart attack, thrombotic stroke, etc. Remote care has become more relevant.

What is driving the sea of transformation in Healthcare today?

Christine K Jacob: “Data is the fuel to this transformation. Digital tools such as apps, AI, wearables MIoTs, and diagnostic devices are generating unprecedented amounts of data, by monitoring people at home, getting vital stats, and helping patients report their symptoms without coming to the clinic. Consequently, it is making possible personalized healthcare, and predictive research.

“ Today, patients can self-monitor, and participate in a dynamic approach to treatment as they become part of the care. They can report, monitor, and express themselves. Data is the backbone of the transformation that we are seeing today. ” — Christine K Jacob

Companies like Apple and Google that have experience with managing data could play a critical role, but there is a need to partner with the HC companies to help with things, such as contact tracing and other diagnoses.

For insights and full analysis of the topic, please access our white paper Digital Acceleration in Healthcare: 12 Mega-Trends Driving its Giant Leap.

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Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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