Customer Significant Customer Experience Trends in 2022 Enhancing Omnichannel Experience Through AI

Digital-first Approach Expediting Digital Customer Experience (DCX)

When it comes to customers there has been a radical change in thinking and customer experience (CX) today has a more powerful punch when it comes to organizational success because it’s integral to differentiating brands, generating revenues, and fostering customer loyalty. For organizations, hyper-personalization and improving customer experience (CX) means studying closely about what would benefit them, ultimately customer loyalty and brand differentiation.

2022 will see digital customer experience which is about online presence and expression of traditional CX, showing empathy, building trust, and integrating all offline and online touchpoints into one cohesive buying journey known as omnichannel customer experience (CX). Hence, companies have started adding tools to scale their operations, automate the tasks, personalize conversations, prioritize employees, and meet customers where they are.

Customer Experience (CX) Trends in 2022

The following trends will gain popularity and provide a digital customer experience (DCX):

  1. “Want-it-now” Culture Through Digital-first: With growing high-tech, high-speed, services are moving towards a want-it-now culture where customers want everything at the exact moment when they want it. This instant gratification can be fulfilled by modern devices and information exchange. Making online availability through the maximum possible digital channels will enhance the digital customer experience (DCX).

2. Omnichannel Experience Through Conversational Analytics: Conversational analytics uses artificial intelligence (AI) to derive data from human language, both written and verbal. When all the data is in the desired format, the customer journey becomes clear regardless of which channel is chosen.
Conversational analytics technology like NLP can elevate the customer experience (CX) by uncovering the critical insights that were once undetectable and help customers self-serve for a smoother experience.

3. Digital Contact Center Through Cloud-based Platforms: A digital contact center is a cloud-based contact center that utilizes the latest digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), internet-of-things (IoT), natural language processing (NLP), etc., to become more predictive than reactive, to improve customer experience (CX).
This provides an omnichannel experience usually by AI-first approach where brands usually automate most of the interactions through engaging self-service experiences. Here voice and digital channels blend to create effortless and seamless experiences in any channel that customers choose.

For effective CX, companies need to prioritize digital channels and keep track of what customers of different generations demand.

To know more interesting trends, read our blog.

Hyper-personalization to Shift Customer Experience Paradigm

With omnichannel experience and more digital-native experience gaining traction, 2022 will see enhanced digital-first strategies. The CX team leaders will leverage a journey-based approach and take actions that will maximize the success of every customer segment.

Channel-agnostic services will further bring hyper-personalization at scale as this will see more engagement of customers from different segments in 2022 and beyond. Brands will have to focus on technologies and creative approaches to improving efficiency without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Techment Technology believes in creating digital experiences by targeting smart technologies and powerful human connections for clients and startups. For more information on how we are looking to enhance our CX, get a free consultation.




Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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Techment is a digital catalyst that expedites solution development with high-velocity agile delivery model and in-depth tech expertise for global organizations.

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