Top 5 Application Modernization Trends in 2022

3 min readAug 24, 2022

Modernizing legacy applications has emerged as a top priority for CIOs in 2022. Application (app) modernization begins with a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s application estate, which includes cloud migration & data modernization. Although the process can be complex, new trends like hyper-automation, micro frontend modernizations, etc., can make the process easier and more reliable.

App modernization, the catchall across the industry, depends on 7 “R” s, which brings all scalability and elasticity of application to the cloud.

Within IT, digital transformation includes modernizing legacy systems and processes to increase efficiencies and infuse greater intelligence across the entire business. Application modernization though being a technology-driven initiative, will enhance the business benefits as per the current & futuristic goals. A failure to modernize legacy systems can hold an organization back. Hence, organizations need to keep up with the trends mentioned as follows for faster implementation.

Trends in Application Modernization to Accelerate Data-driven Organizations

Adopting specific trends will help organizations adopt new database technology rapidly. Let’s check the trends:

Micro Front-end Modernization: In this micro-level effort, individual components and technologies are changed to ensure faster modernization. It’s all about reusability via minimal features that serve as UI for apps and websites that bring speedier change.

To shorten the development time, teams reuse application platform elements from other app modernization projects as some projects share everyday needs and DNA. Without diluting customer experience (CX), it brings frontend development efforts in-line with new-age architectures.

Hyper Automation: Organizations will require more IT and business processes automation as a part of their digital transformation journey. The hyper-automation process enables organizations to rapidly identify and automate processes with the use of technologies like RPA (robotic process automation), LCAP (low code application platforms), AI (artificial intelligence), and virtual assistants.

Trends in Application Modernization to Accelerate Data-driven Organizations

Composability & Confluence: Composability applies to the entire technology stack and business processes. The process is challenging but out-weighs specific challenges:

  • It provides a highly flexible & agile IT model and a high degree of time-to-market improvement.
  • Provides a high degree of reuse capability, reducing duplicacies of applications & data.
  • Promotes end-to-end ownership and continuous improvement culture.

By confluence, we mean business and IT running through input & output integration tools at the heart of composability. This motivates the enterprises to build a highly agile and integrated path to legacy modernization across enterprises to drive improved business outcomes.

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Cloud Computing with Open Source Platform Will Accelerate Modernization Journey

Adaptability and flexibility have become today’s needs as the business environment is becoming more dynamic & unpredictable. As an imperative, businesses need to redesign their product and services, processes continuously, and people as legacy applications and systems hold organizations from being future-ready.

Organizations must carefully assess their current state and choose the best approach with aligned technology to accomplish business objectives and reach their full potential. Using cloud solutions with open source platforms will be an imperative for modernization in the future that will provide elasticity and reliability.

Why Techment?

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