Top 6 Retail Trends Unfolding New Dimensions for Customer Retention

  1. Restructured Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Every retail business, small or big, is forced to re-think its physical presence, since consumers’ are in no way coming back to traditional shopping, fully. The locations of stores can become more acceptable at potential locations only.
  2. Marketing & Customer Engagement has Changed: Consumers have already shifted to online platforms and seek their favorite products there, so retailers have shifted to social media and other online channels. According to the Global Web Index, 54% of shoppers use social media to research products, giving rise to online shopping.
  1. Omnichannel Sales: When a consumer experiences a seamless shopping experience on multiple devices like mobile phones, iPad, etc. it is an omnichannel approach. The Mobile-first approach is the top priority for retailers to reach the next level in customer experience.
  1. Consumers first discover your product.
  2. If they show interest, they might fill a questionnaire or a form to show interest.
  3. They may also directly reach online shopping sites or an affiliate to get reviews.
  4. Then place an order after building trust with the product.



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