Why Blockchain will be Integral to Healthcare’s Transformation

  1. Integrated System for Data Management: Patients’ medical records are growing with time so the need for a proper data storage system and management. The amount of data is so large that hospitals need efficient storage to effectively manage their databases and are looking for storage professionals.
  2. Cybersecurity: Connected medical devices among different health institutes have always attracted hackers. Premises need robust security systems to prevent data loss and data theft.
  3. Digitization and Digital Transformation: Though many technologies have been transforming healthcare, still a vast majority of care providers have not begun Digitization. The trend needs to pick up pace for the benefit of every technology to be successful.
  1. AI: AI in cardiology and radiology has enabled doctors to detect severe disease in the early stages.
  2. IoT: You can track patient compliance with treatment plans or emergency medical needs. The data collected from IoT devices can help clinicians determine the best course of treatment for patients and achieve the desired results.
  3. Blockchain: It has envisaged facilities in these aspects;
  • Protecting medical data from breach.
  • Electronic data management
  • Point-of-care genomics.
  • Managing electronic medical record data (EMR)
  1. Interoperability: It creates a centralized database synchronized via the Internet and realizes seamless data exchange between the users and stakeholders.
  2. Drug Traceability: Blockchain provides a cost-effective solution that supports multiple drug tracking functions and processes to determine the correct identification, traceability, traceability, and source.
  3. Aids in Medical Research: Researchers can analyze unidentified data and request patient access to use their information in medical research.



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