Why Digital Prototyping? Does it help in Faster and Successful Product Launches?

2 min readDec 22, 2020

Thousands of new products are introduced into the market every single year and thousands of startups open each year. Sadly 95% of new products fail within 12 months, and less than a third of startups succeed to survive. Such turbulence in the marketplace makes it incumbent upon the leaders to take steps to ensure product success, cost-effectively. Prototyping is a tool that can ensure that the products do well and consequently the companies.

Make the Right Choice

There are various choices for prototyping, such as:

  • Low and High fidelity: Depending on the need, budget, and stage of development the choice needs to be made. Answer the following to ensure that you pick the right choice:
  • Quality: What level of quality are you aiming at? What kind of functionality are you looking to have to get the right feedback and results?
  • Stage of Development: What stage of development is your project at? Advanced stages may call for a high-fidelity prototype, whereas the initial stages mostly require simple paper sketches.
  • Precision Need: Large enterprises with complex projects while going for upgrades need a high-precision rapid prototyping technology. The level thus depends upon the need.
  • Crude or Refined: Refinement costs dearly, as well as consumes more time. Hence, based on these parameters, the decision has to be taken, as crude-focused prototypes are quick and cheap solutions. Refinement is critical for products with a high level of technical or market risk, such as aircraft safety testing, surgical programs, etc.

Based on the above requirements, decide the type of prototype you need. Here are four types of prototyping that you may consider using when creating a new digital product or service:

1: Sketch prototyping

2: Paper prototyping

3: Mockup prototyping

4: Coded prototyping

Each has its unique set of advantages, to learn about this topic in greater detail, get access to our blog.




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